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Returns Policy

GalleriaVerde's returns policy is designed in accordance with the relevant legislation on the rights of purchasers in relation to contracts that are agreed without the purchaser being present at the time and place of the transaction (article n. 64). The purchaser's right to return the item purchased is well protected. Our policy states that:

should be client not be wholly satisfied with the purchase made, he or she has the right to withdraw from the agreed contract, without incurring additional charges or being required to explain the reason for the decision to withdraw.

  1. TERMS:

    The purchaser may exercise his or her right to return any item(s) purchased within 10 working days of the date of receipt (as per the courier's date stamp) by sending written confirmation of his or her decision via registered letter to the following address:

    C/O La Bottega dell’Arco
    Via del Pellegrino 195,
    00186, ROMA

    Within the same period (10 days), the purchaser may send a telegram to the same address or an e-mail message to info@galleriaverde.com, on condition that the telegram or the e-mail are then followed within 48 hours by a registered letter in which he or she confirms his or her intention to exercise the right to return the item(s), and be fully reimbursed, in accordance with the Italian law.

    Any purchaser intending to exercise his or her right to return any item(s) must send it/them back within 10 working days of the date of receipt (as per the courier's date stamp). The 10-day return deadline is deemed to have been met even if the item(s) in question has/have only been delivered to the post office or picked up by the courier within said period, rather than having actually reached us within ten days. The item(s) being returned must be properly packed to avoid any risk of damage in transit. The item(s) must be substantially complete in order for the customer to exercise his or her right to reimbursement. The cost of sending the item(s) back and the means used to return the item(s) are the responsibility of the customer.


    Reimbursement will take place after the collection from the customer of the item(s) previously delivered. As such, GalleriaVerde will not be liable for any costs should the item(s) be lost or damaged in transit.

    Within 30 (thirty) days of receiving the communication in which the customer declares his or her intention to exercise his or her right to return the item(s) purchased, GalleriaVerde will reimburse the payment via  credit transfer. The amount reimbursed will exclusively cover the price of the product(s) as shown on the order note and invoice. In all cases, the additional shipping and home-delivery costs for the product(s) in question will not be covered, and so shall remain the responsibility of the customer.

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